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Terms and Conditions

When purchasing a distribution subscription for software to be installed on Joomla! websites from Ultania, you should understand that the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) apply. You should read the appropriate version of the license (version 3 for Ultania PDF Certificate Maker) in order to understand your rights. We do not attempt to restrict your usage of our software. For example, you are able to use the software on multiple Joomla websites. The GPL does allow charging money in exchange for the distribution of the software. Ultania sells distribution subscriptions that give you download access to the software for a specified time period.

Please be aware that support is not included with a distribution subscription. We appreciate the fact that most of our customers have a certain level of technical ability, or access to someone who does. We do offer informal support on the ultania.com forum free of charge depending upon the availability of the Ultania developer. This free support on the forum is offered as a courtesy and is in no way guaranteed. If you require a more formal support arrangement, please contact us via the site's contact form to discuss support possibilities.

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